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Project management seeks the most effective method of producing specific deliverables within cost, schedule, and resource constraints.

Project management is the discipline of using principles, procedures and tools to manage a project from conception through completion. Stages are initiation, planification, execution and control, and closing. The unique outcomes of a project  are called the deliverables.

A project is undertaken by a team lead by a project manager. In addition of leading the team, a project manager needs to work closely with all stakeholders and have strong communication and negotiation skills.

Project management is often abbreviated as PM, hence the name of this website: projectmanagementcourse.pm

Video course : Project fundamentals

This course deals with the essential procedures for: the initiation of projects: identify stakeholders, set up a SWOT matrix, implement the PDCA Action cycle, negociate the The Time – ...
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Templates for project management

Streamline your project tracking with these ready-to-use project management templates. Click File/copy to get your own copy. Todo list The todo list is a simple tool to foster team collaboration ...
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Video Course : Essential organization tools

Project management is essential for professionals: creating a business, launching a new product, designing software and even simply organizing a family event Before working on the management of ...
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Video course : Project planning and monitoring

This course will lead you through the steps of managing a project. State Project scope, using UML, IDEF0, FAST diagrams and Value engineering to lay down project specs, Defining work ...
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Video course : Risk management

  In project management or in business, innovating means taking risks. These risks must be identified, assessed, and managed. In this course, you will learn how to identify, ...
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