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Project management seeks the most effective method of producing specific deliverables within cost, schedule, and resource constraints.

Templates for project management

Streamline your project tracking with these ready-to-use project management templates.

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Todo list

The todo list  is a simple tool to foster team collaboration. Use it to assign and follow up tasks.

Todo list projectmanagementcourse.pm Google Sheets


Meeting report template

Keep track of your meetings ! These meeting minutes provide an record of proceedings, but also define meeting goals, attendees, map out decisions and a common agenda.

Meeting report template projectmanagementcourse.pm Google-docs.png


Project Post Mortem

This Project Closure Template will help you organize the last meeting of your project.

It is designed help your team learn lessons and document best practices for future reference.

Project Post Mortem projectmanagementcourse.pm Google Docs


Project meeting effectiveness : A Check-list

These meeting evaluation questions lead to recommendations for improving your projects meetings.

Project meeting effectiveness A Check-list projectmanagementcourse.pm-Google-Docs


Risk management – Mitigation Plan

Risk mitigation is the process of eliminating or minimizing the impact of the risk events. It allows to develop actions enhancing opportunities and reducing threats to project resources.

Risk management Mitigation Plan projectmanagementcourse pm Google Sheets


Functional analysis tip sheet

How to define the scope of a project ? You need to work with your client to establish a Scope Management Plan, and this tip sheet will help you.

Functional analysis sheet projectmanagementcourse pm Google Docs



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