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Project management seeks the most effective method of producing specific deliverables within cost, schedule, and resource constraints.

Video course : Project fundamentals


Project management is essential for professionals:  creating a business, launching a new product, designing software and even simply organizing a family event

Before working on the management of small or large projects, it is important to think about a certain number of fundamental questions : This is the goal of this course, which is split in ten minutes chapters, each dedicated to a specific topic


video introduction

What is a Project?

What is a project

Projects in business

Projects in business

Typology / profiles

Project Profile

Life cycle cost

Life cycle cost

Case studies

Case studies

Team structures

Team structures

A summary

Conclusion, Advice


Download the original slides : pdf  or pptx format.


  1. Thank you very much teacher your english is very good.I want to ask you a question: How can i to follow the MOOC in english only .

  2. Good morning Mr Bachelet,

    I am trying to attend the course in english, but I am finding many difficulties. For example when I press play in these videos they simply don’t play. Is possible to do the activities in english?

    Thank for the MOOC.

  3. Congratulation , Very good job, I hope that you can make like the french courses and offer the whole of each module in zip file which contain the high definition videos with the Pdf and pptx files.


  4. Great Initiative. I have been following the french version for weeks now. I take more time to assimilate material when it’s in french. Please I would like to know if a certificate is also awarded if we follow the course in English?
    Thank you!!

    1. Not yet, and we have a lot of work if we want to translate the whole MOOC and his exam, so this won’t be done anytime soon!

      You can take advantage of all the resources of this site

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